Hardwood Floor Company Services

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We provide the following hardwood floor services:


Hardwood floors are rich and inviting and they make a distinctive statement. There is a large variety in hardwood flooring, from boards with extreme character, graining, and color variation to those that are evenly colored and consistent. Hardwood can create a uniquely beautiful floor. Your kind of floor. Warm, stylish, and original.


Although durable, wood floorboards are not invincible. They can be damaged by pets, water, kids, the moving of furniture, and more. That, however, does not mean you need to replace them entirely.


Real hardwood floors are a beautiful asset. Sometimes that beautiful asset is covered by years of dirt and use. Refinishing a hardwood floor can be a rewarding project if your wood floors appear worn especially in high-traffic areas like entryways, halls and kitchens.

One of the biggest advantages of solid hardwood flooring is that the flooring can be restored and refinished many times over it's life